There are many reasons for men killing each other; accidents, passion,stupidity, insanity…but I’ve never understood how one can kill another at their deity’s behest.

Is it that the deity is too clean to bloody their hands? For those of us (Muslims and Christians) whose holy books cover such instances, have we ever wondered whether we would personally follow those orders?

Muslims appear less hesitant to embrace such hence the extremism. Christians on the other hand are hypocritical. They are too embarrassed of the ‘terror verses’. It’s almost as if the God of their ‘old testament’ and the new are totally different entities.

I have posed this question severally to Christians; what is the difference between your God who once ordered genocide and our God who ‘orders’ al shabaab to fight and waste KDF at El Adde?

I’m beginning to entertain the idea that God may kill man if he wills but he has never ordered man to waste another. That is an ancient excuse men invented to cope with their heinous acts.

But does the bible/Quran not say so? Yes they do,but these books were compiled by men and I have ceased putting it above the editors/scribes imposing their own ideals onto their work. That’s the only way I can make sense of either Christianity or Islam.

Else there is zero difference between the IS thug who beheads a hapless captive and Billy Graham; they all subscribe to deities who can command men to waste others.

twitter: @fazul_


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